14th March 2017

Debt Collectors Can Swear – It’s Official!

An article on reported a story about a debt collector using choice language with a customer.

We didn’t know what to think?

Have you, like me, sat through courses on telephone collections? How many times has the course leader emphasised that we must have empathy with the customer. After all if you make “friends” with the customer you’ll be able to establish a rapport and gather information the net effect of which will improve recovery rates. All techniques we’ve been taught – open questions, closed questions, how you open the call and finally closure. Add in a bit of “treating the customers fairly” into the mix and we have the recipe for effective pre-sue collections.

However, some debtors may cause anguish with some of the less patient and less tolerant collectors amongst us. But never lose your cool with the customer. To do so will be a capital offence…or will it?

To continue reading the article and find out what was said, please click the link here.

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